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Update by user Feb 19, 2013

Update: I got a letter from their lawyer stating that they filed for bankruptcy protection, stating that there are no funds left for creditors. I assume this means they ripped off many other people, since scammers usually file for bankruptcy protection when there's a judgement against them.

I found out through this notice that their real address is (like most scam artists, it's not what they post online):

Kenneth Paul Black and Melanie Christina Brandenburger-Black

3 South Main Street

Telford, PA 18969

Original review posted by user Jan 02, 2013

I am making it public that I have been scammed by the highly unethical Ken Black of Bought IT Sold IT ( eBay consignment. Ken Black of Bought IT Sold IT was supposed to sell over 400 of my items on eBay to raise funds for a humanitarian organization which provides clean water and life-saving medical supplies.

Ken Black and I made a deal by signing a contract that laid out all the terms of the commission, sales, etc. After everything was settled by signing the contract, he had his employee Seth come and check each item with myself and two other witnesses. Each item was checked off on an inventory spreadsheet printout and the total number of items was confirmed by signatures on the contract. The pickup of my over 400 designer clothing and electronics items took two hours and was well documented and witnessed.

Once he had my items, he chose to mostly ignore me, and the contract terms. When I would email him very politely (after all, who wants to anger someone with over 400 of your items?), I would routinely not get a reply, or I would get a very snippy/rude response. Sometimes I had to email him many times over weeks and leave multiple voice messages to get a response. All this while he has tens of thousands of dollars worth of my inventory.

One item in particular he was very irresponsible with: a $10k retail piece of electronics. I sent him emails on August 30th, September 6, September 12th, September 14th and September 22nd but to no avail. He held onto the item for over a year before even listing it, by which time the street price decreased by $2500.

In the contract I was specifically allowed to set minimum sale prices. We agreed that nothing will be sold for less than $25 below the minimum sale price. The contract was not followed, and he routinely sold items for well below the $25 difference, without asking me (to the tune of $756 in unauthorized discounts, not including the $2500 lost on the one electronic item.)

I was having trouble reaching him (again) to get my items back, so I warned him that I might turn this whole mess he has made over to my lawyer if he doesn’t become responsive via email or phone. Finally, he sent me eight boxes of my items back, which he hadn’t sold almost a year and a half later. The boxes were short 52 of my items (almost $10k worth at the minimum sale prices we set) - they were missing! I emailed him again expecting to receive the items and/or final payment. He replied saying that the check has been sent out and that it should only be a matter of days before I receive the check, but it never came.

Ken Black clearly violated our contract in four major ways. In addition, he cost us a lot of money by not adhering to the minimum sale prices that he agreed upon via email and in the contract. He still has $9236.79 (at the minimum street / eBay value) of my designer clothing items which at this point are flat-out stolen.

I have evidence and two additional witnesses who were there and also saw his employee go through each item as it was packed, then sign a contract saying the total number of items. The inventory he sent me after getting the items was already revised by him (items were removed, as he claimed they never arrived, and I put up with that since he had all my items in his warehouse) and that revised spreadsheet that we agreed to use was confirmed by him. I have it all in a Google Document so we know who made what edits to the inventory.

Ken Black’s latest email admitted that he still owes me an extra 10% (as per the percentage in the contract), which he’s kept without a reason and still hasn't paid, many months after admitting that. I should also note that there was no breach of contract on our side.


Contrary to the Agreement, Ken Black / Bought IT Sold IT routinely discounted items below the minimum sales price without the approval of Consignor. The 13 items discounted greater than $25.00 below the Contract minimum equals $756.33. While Bought IT Sold IT has returned certain items, they have retained 52 items valued at $9236.79 (generously, this is based on our original minimum sale price) owned by Consignor and despite multiple demands and assurances by BoughtItSoldIt that payment of such amount would be made, no funds have been sent. On the additional $20,000+ of items sold, contrary to Contract you still owe 10% or $2,099.47. Despite repeated demand and assurances by

you that such funds would be paid, no funds have been sent. We hereby demand that immediate payment forthwith of the $12,092.59 due and owed.

Monetary Loss: $12092.

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New York City, New York, United States #628166

OMG ! I recommended so many people to Ken and all I have had is complaints.

I had no idea he was a crook.

Now the people I recommended to him are all pissed at me.

One of my friends has lost about $40,000 in art work. I am totally freaked has anyone reported him to ebay?

to NYcharity New York, New York, United States #857449

I had awful dealings with Ken Black - Bought it sold it - I needed to sell items to be able to afford to leave a long bad marriage. It all started out ok.

I could follow the details of what was selling online. After a time I could see he was selling things way less than what they were worth. I would try to contact him to no avail.

When he did contact me he would say he had to drop prices to sell.

After over a year there were items I never saw for sale. Phone calls messages emails no response. I was contacted by the post office one day and was told they were boxes that had to be picked up, four hugh boxes with wrinkled damp cloths, broken objects, some items of clothing that we're not mine. I left messages again as to where were other expensive items I had given him gone.

Sent me a check listing some of the missing stuff by the way sold for a few dollars.

They say all comes to those who wait, what goes around come around Ken Black.

I guess you were able to file for bankrupt and carry on, after stealing from people who wanted to help those in need, and from a woman who needed to free herself from another not so nice man.

I did survive. How is your conscious Mr Black?

Newark, New Jersey, United States #605805

Bought It Sold It ripped me off too!! They took my items and totally dropped contact. Any suggestions on how to get my items or money back?

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